Keep A Close Eye On Your Home With A Home Surveillance Security Camera

invasionWith the unfortunate rise in home invasions, more people are turning to home surveillance security cameras to help protect themselves, their families and their property. You should be aware of the different methods criminals use to gain entry into homes for the purpose of robbery or other dangerous intentions.

For instance, a perpetrator may approach a home saying he or she is in need of assistance, wanting to use the telephone. Once the door is open, they may force their way into the home. With a surveillance security camera, this could possibly be prevented. Before the door is ever opened, you can view the person who is at your door. If you do not recognize them, a home surveillance security camera affords you the opportunity to either ignore the knocks, or ask who is it and what they want through the closed door. If they start to become more agitated or aggressive, this will give you time to telephone law enforcement. The home surveillance security camera will have recorded footage of the incident.

Another scam potential home invaders may use is pretending they have a package that you need to sign for. Again, a surveillance security camera will show you who is at the door. Most delivery drivers wear a uniform. If you suspect anything, the home surveillance security camera can provide the footage you need to inform police immediately.

This is also useful to monitor activity inside the home. If you want to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny, you can use your home surveillance security camera to record video of them as they care for your children. This has been used in several instances where abuse or mistreatment was suspected by parents. Thanks to the this device in place, parents were able to gain undeniable proof of neglect and abuse. This is a difficult and painful thing to go through, but in the end, the children are safe and the abuser is brought to justice.

The device can help you keep an eye on valuables you have in your home. If you notice things are coming up missing, you can use your home surveillance security camera to watch over them for you – especially when you are at work or out of town.

Teenagers that are left alone in the home can be influenced by friends to disobey house rules. With this security camera, two things will happen. Either they will avoid allowing any misbehavior to happen in the home because they know you are recording with a home surveillance security camera, and you will have proof that these bad influences are provoking your teenager to disobey you and you can take the appropriate action.

Keep an eye on your home and family with help from a home surveillance security camera. This will give you peace-of-mind, a sense of security and comfort in your own surroundings.

Home Safe Home With A Home Security Camera System


Your home is where you should feel comfortable and safe. But with the unfortunate rise in home invasion crimes, many people are taking steps to ensure their safety and the safety of their families with a home security camera system.

A security camera system monitors everything from any room in your home. You can install this over front and/or back doors, windows, garages – and especially rooms where you think you might need extra surveillance such as living room or other rooms where you store valuables.

There are many reasons why more people are installing home security camera systems across the country. These include:

  • Theft. Home burglaries are on the rise. This device can help you prevent – or even stop a home burglary before it happens. Mounted home security camera system outside your home allows you to view any person trying to enter your home.
  • Traffic control. A home security camera system allows you to see any visitors that come and go from your home.
  • Activities of your children. A home security camera system can help you keep an eye on your children and what they are doing. You can also monitor babysitters or nannies to make sure your children are being properly cared for.
  • For businesses, a home security camera system affords you with extra security measures to help protect your interests and keep employees safe. Other benefits of using a home security camera system in businesses includes:
  • Employee actions. As a business owner, you should be able to trust your employees. If you have merchandise coming up missing or money shortages, a home security camera system can help you keep an eye on the situation in order for you to take proper action against any employee who is taking advantage of you.
  • Burglary. Having a security camera system can help you see suspicious activity in real-time. Or you can use the footage to help aid the authorities in apprehending and prosecuting any criminals that stole money or goods from your business.
  • Customer safety. You can use a security camera system to monitor all areas of your business, inside and out. This can help in many ways such as early recognition of a potential criminal act where other innocent customers may be in harms way. Plus, you can use the footage in the case of accidents and/or other mishaps that can occur.

Keep your home safe and sweet with a home security camera system. Protect yourself, your family and your business or property.

The Hospital

As a parent of two small children, there safety is always my number one concern. It has been since day one. I imagine most parents feel the same way. You can call it “the parenting gene”, or just part of being a responsible adult, but a parent always wants to know where there children are, and that they are safe. Especially when they are most vulnerable in those first few days of a child’s life. I came across a story about Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingstown, Jamaica, that i found extremely troubling.

According to the story, last week a mentally ill patient, infect with HIV/AIDS, was found in the hospitals nursery, breastfeeding another woman’s week-old newborn. The patient was apparently at the hospital getting ready to give birth to her own child, which took place later that day. A nurse spotted the incident and intervened, but the damage may have already been done, though doctors say there is only a ”very, very slim chance” of the baby contracting HIV from the brief encounter. Slim chance or not, I would be absolutely livid that a hospital didn’t have the security in place to prevent such an incident from ever happening.

Since the incident, the hospital has announced plans to install surveillance cameras. ”We are going to put CCTV cameras inside the nursery and it is going to have multiple uses. It is going to be used to ensuring [proper interaction] between mother and child and nurses and the child,” said Shirley. “It will also ensure that [babies] are given the required attention.” said Shirley, who chairs the board of the South East Regional Health Authority. They have also announced plans to install similar systems across all hospitals on the island.

Parents, or even prospective parents should select their healthcare provider carefully. Most reputable hospitals already have surveillance cameras, and security procedures to keep people away from areas they should not have access to. Be sure to ask about the security features in place at your local hospital. Many hospitals offer tours to pregnant couples to give them peace of mind about the institution that will be caring for them and their newborn.

There is more to keeping your family safe and secure than just protecting them at home. Take the necessary precautions to make sure nothing like the above story ever happens to your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Cameras

Below are several questions you might want to ask before buying your first hidden / security camera:

question mark

What is a Security DVR?
DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A Security DVR is capable of taking the video from digital or analog cameras and recording it into a digital format on a hard drive. It can record high quality video, maintenance free, for weeks or even months. An ideal replacement for time lapse VCRs.

What is a video capture card?
A video capture card or DVR card is a graphic card inside the Security DVR system which captures the signal from the cameras and stores the video on the hard drive.

How many hours of video can the Security DVR store?
The length of archive depends on number of cameras, frames per second (FPS) and amount of available hard disk space. Our preconfigured systems usually provide several weeks of archive on motion detect mode.

How does motion detection work? Through the camera or software?
Motion detection works through the software in the DVR system by recording video when pixels in the image change. Most Security DVRs offer a sensitivity scale so the user can set the sensitivity of the motion detection.

Can I view live and recorded video locally?

Can I view live and recorded video remotely?
Yes, most of our Security DVR systems are Internet enabled. You can view live and recorded video from anywhere through the Internet.

What kind of broadband do I need? How much bandwidth?
Basic DSL or cable will suffice in most cases.

Can several users view one site at once?
Most Internet-enabled Security DVR systems allow multiple users to view the same site simultaneously. However, as more people look at the same cameras/DVR at the same time, the bandwidth will be shared between them.

Can I record audio?
Yes, if the Security DVR system comes with an audio option you can record audio. Most analog cameras do not come with built in audio, so you will probably need a separate audio kit.

Can I listen to live and recorded audio remotely?
Yes, some of our Security DVR systems have that option. With an optional audio module, you can listen to live and recorded audio from anywhere through the Internet.

How many cameras do I need?
This will depend on the size and layout of the area you wish to survey. On average, we recommend one camera per 1000 Sq. Ft.

Can I use my existing cameras?
Yes, you can use your existing CCTV cameras. Simply plug them into the back of the Security DVR which replaces the VCR.

What camera lens size is the best for my application?
ApexCCTV carries a large selection of security camera lenses, but the lens you will need depends on where you plan to use it. Review our Lens Selection Chart to determine the type of lens that is best suited to your needs.

What is an Auto-Iris Lens?
An auto iris lens provides consistent video signal in areas where light levels vary.

What is Lux?
Illumniation is measured in units called Lux.

Can I zoom in with a camera?
Yes, but you need a special camera called a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ camera. Browse our selection of PTZ cameras and find the one that is right for you.

What type of Operating System (OS) does the Security DVR use?
Most PC-based Security DVR Systems use Windows XP Professional, and Standalone Security DVRs are Linux based.

What kind of cable should I use?
Siamese cable, which is an RG59 coaxial cable and a pair of 18 gauge wire for in the same jacket to make installation easy. Check out our cables page and find the length you need.

What happens if there is power outage?
Most Security DVRs will come back on as soon as power is restored. However, we suggest an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which provides a short period of backup power and also serves as a surge protection device.

Can the Security DVR report an alarm?
Yes, some Security DVRs have that option.

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Smile … You May Be On A Hidden Security Camera

You may remember the television show “Candid Camera.” Hidden cameras caught people in funny – and sometimes embarrassing situations. It was a big hit. Well today, using hidden security cameras aren’t for the entertainment value. Using hidden security cameras are for the safety and protection of people, property and valuables, not to mention, a person’s peace-of-mind.

candid camera

The main goals of using hidden security cameras are to catch employees who are stealing from employers, shoplifters or thieves stealing from any businesses, watching over nannies or babysitters inside the home, and to find out of a spouse or significant other is cheating.

Most hidden security cameras are placed in low key areas, carefully blended into the environment, or built into an ordinary household or unnoticeable item. There are several popular types of hidden security cameras which include:

  • Smoke Alarms. Because most smoke alarms are attached to the ceiling or high smoke alarmup on a wall, it gives you a better view of any particular room or viewing area. These usually go unnoticed by people involved in illegal or strange behavior.
  • Alarm Clock. When using an alarm clock as a hidden security camera, pinhole-sized cameras are placed inside a working alarm clockalarm clock or bedside clock radio. Even though these are small cameras, they can still capture video images like any regular-sized security camera.
  • Portable CD players or boom boxes can house small hidden security cameras deep inside, while still functioning as a normal music box. These can be placed pretty much anywhere without causing too much notice.
  • Air Conditioners/Purifiers. It’s easy to find air purifying units that are completely functional while acting as a hidden security camera. These aren’t as mobile, but just as effective in catching thieves, cold.
  • Teddy Bears. This have become one of the most popular hidden security teddy bearcamera devices for parents. Also called “Nanny Cams,” they have been used in many publicized cases of catching child abuse from caretakers in the home.
  • Books. On bookshelves, one book that is rigged with a hidden security camera wouldn’t attract much attention.
  • Exit/Enter Signs. These are perfect for using hidden security exit signcameras in offices or other places of business. They are found – and are legally required – at most companies, so they wouldn’t be noticeable.

No matter what type of hidden security camera you choose, make sure you do your homework first. It’s not pleasant spying on people you are supposed to be able to trust. But, sometimes you need to know the truth. Hidden security cameras not only catch the bad guys, but they also help prove innocence. Either way, if you have questions, hidden security cameras provide the answers.

Remember that it is against federal law to covertly record any audio along with your hidden security cameras. Make sure you are following all legal rules and regulations before recording any activities.